Sales of security equipment for businesses


Ing. Jiří Havránek, CSc

Offer fire zpěňovatelných sealing tape and water-borne coatings. Advising in the field of chemistry.

K Raškovci 1360, Kolín

Požární technika KOMET

Corporate activity is the total repair fire engines, ie. repairs purpose extensions, as well as undercarriage parts, including engines. KOMET company also carri...

Petra Bezruče 1031, Pečky


Company CAMBRIDGE TRADING COMPANY Cologne, Ltd. is a professional company providing all-round services for buildings and low-voltage installations. We

Václavské náměstí 31, Nová Ves

Josef Korelus-hasící přístroje

Offer extinguishers and hydrants.

Leoše Janáčka 344, Kolín

Petr Schönfeld - FEOS

Offer extinguishers.

Poříčany 30, Poříčany

Jaroslav Jokl-hasící přístroje

Offer extinguishers and hydrants.

Tř. 5. května 639, Pečky

Karel Jandák-hasící přístroje

Offer extinguishers and fire hydrants.

Tahiti 818, Pečky

Jana Adamovičová-hasičské přístroje

Provision of fire fighting equipment, including cellular repair, reconstruction and production.

Tř. 5. května 183, Pečky

Sdružení podnikatelů Jandák a spol.

We offer inspection, service and repair of fire extinguishers, we also sell new fire extinguisher. We also review the hydrants, fire mains, repair of fire hydrants, water mains and fire equipment sales, selling fire alarms and fire equipment.

Tahiti 818, Pečky

Miroslav Weiss - aplikovaná elektronika

We offer: Design and assembly of electronic security system (hereinafter "ESS") to homes, home offices, but also the whole business and secure electro...

Rokycanova 1316, Český Brod

Epoza, spol. s r.o.

The company offers sales, installation and service of electric fire signalization (EPS), electric security system (ESS), video surveillance systems (digital HDD), controlling access to objects (contactless cards and tags), home phones and videophones, and structured cabling company telephone exchanges.

Krátká 239, Vyžlovka

Ing. Roman Foff - Prodej zabezpečovací techniky pro firmy

The company is engaged in sale, installation and servicing of security and camera systems.

Ovčárecká 312, Kolín

Miroslav Čermák - Prodej zabezpečovací techniky pro firmy

The company provides technical services to protect people and property. Performs installation and repair of electronic equipment.

Táboritská 444, Kolín

Vladimír Műhl-hasící přístroje

Offer extinguishers and hydrants.

Pražská 350, Kolín

Radek Műhl-hasící přístroje

The offer, inspections, repairs, filling fire extinguishers and fire hydrants, fire alarms, emergency sorbents and sorbent combinations, PO table and OSH. Processing and documentation PO, training and monitoring. Comprehensive services in fire protection.

Pražská 350, Kolín

Josef Minarčík-hasící přístroje

Supply and servicing of small and mobile fire extinguishers and hydrants.

Václavská 341, Velim


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