Drilling and cleaning of wells


    Ladislav Houdek - vrtání a čištění studní

    Dredging and deepening of wells, cleaning, irrigation wells and installation of floor pumps.

    Hryzely 34, Barchovice

    Miloslav Vosecký - vrtání a čištění studní

    Digging, cleaning and other repairs of wells.

    Masarykova 385, Český Brod

    František Pospíšil - studnářství

    The company carries out digging wells, including rigging, deepening wells, cleaning and repairing old wells, dismantling pipes.

    Pod Hájem 1261, Český Brod

    Zdeněk Loukota - vrtání a čištění studní

    Dredging and cleaning of wells. Search of water. Hydrogeological exploration wells. Ensuring project documentation.

    Radim 73, Radim

    František Jásek - vrtané studně

    Implementation of drilling wells with a diameter of 120-150 mm and boreholes for heat pumps. Arms lagging environmental drilling to the bottom.

    Na Dubince 48, Jevany


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