Roof hydroisulation


    Rekos Kolín v.o.s.

    Lightning - height work - insulation - flat roofs provide installation and repair of lightning conductors, including revisions, waterproofing and thermal insula...

    Havlíčkova 260, Kolín 4

    V. P. Procházka, s.r.o.

    We offer delivery and installation of flat roofs and terraces, basements insulation, green roofs, cladding diam. buildings, insulation, pitched roofs, carpentry and plumbing, steel construction, crane work AD28, AD16 and MP13 car platform.

    Nebovidy 134, Nebovidy

    Aleš Rylich-hydroizolace

    We offer waterproofing flat roofs.

    Dělnická 780, Kolín

    LS - izol, s.r.o.

    Offer lower construction insulation against ground humidity, pressure water and radon. Waterproofing garden ponds, balconies and terraces. Refurbishment of flat roofs.

    Fügnerova 47, Plaňany


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