Riding a horse ranches


Stáj Afrodita

Sales coaches, training and selling horses and chariots courses.

Němčice 7, Němčice

Jiří Schneider - stáj Zlatovláska

Stable Goldilocks officially founded with the clear aim - breeding quality riding horses, suitable for general riding public. Own experience has brought high above the only other breeds - the Arab thoroughbred.

Miškovice 8, Třebovle

Jezdecký klub stáj - Eskula Chocenice

Training, housing and breeding horses. Participation in equestrian competitions.

Chocenice 73, Břežany

Tělovýchovná jezdecká jednota

Stable operation of sport-oriented riding and jumping Regatta. Possibility of stabling. Preparing horses for training and testing drivers.

Královská cesta 340, Kolín

JS Nesměň

Horse breeding and training and organizing equestrian competitions. Breeding is geared primarily for breeding quality sport horses for show jumping sport. Screening and quality stallions are selected mainly from German farms. We also offer the possibility of stabling horses for sport, recreational riding or breeding foals.

Nesměň 87, Zásmuky

JK Nepoměřice - Agroturistická jízdárna Bedřichov

Agroturistická Bedrichov riding in Kutna Hora. Offer horse rides, weekend stays, summer riding camps. Stabling - stabling for your horses, equine rehabilitation stays on health issues, housing mares for breeding with expert care, the possibility of all-day stays in the pasture, a regular riding experienced rider as agreed.

Bedřichov 1, Nepoměřice


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