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Martin Holý, Chytré Systé

Heverova 217, Kolín

Hodinový manžel.

Štolníř 33, Český Brod

KAMNÁŘSTVÍ Pavel Novotný

Větrná 432, Poříčany

ProfCom, s.r.o.

Distributor particular connector technology, electro-mechanical and electronic components.

Havlíčkova 822, Kolín

Česká Úklidová

V Horkách 955, Pečky

alfaMarket Kolín

Brankovická 277, Kolín

Hodinový manžel Kolín

Performing maintenance of apartments, houses and business premises. Provides craft, metalwork, bricklaying and plumbing for Cologne and surroundings. Moving and transport, supply your own car. Cleaning and washing windows. Mowing and maintenance of gardens. These and many other services offered hourly husband Cologne.

Kremličkova 962, Kolín

Stěhování Vais

We are a company providing services in the area of relocation, road transport, packaging, assembly and disassembly of furniture. Our activity is mainly in the regions of Kolin, Kutna Hora, Nymburk, Podebrady, Czech Brod ..... We moved the whole country.

V Kaštánkách 1099, Pečky

Miloslav Kopecký

Palackého 569, Velim

Marek Luboš

Grégrova 399, Kolín

zahradnictví Limuzy

Limuzy 68, Limuzy u Českého Brodu

Bazénová pohoda

9. května 80, Kostomlaty nad Labem

Pavel Charous - CHAPA Stavebniny

Sales of building materials and joinery, windows, doors, flooring, including installation, power and hand tools. Designs and assembly of custom kitchens, built-...

Petra Bezruče 1148, Pečky

HV servis a obchod

Karoliny Světlé 140, Kolín 1

Tilia Kolín, s.r.o.

Company Doors and floors in Cologne Tilia sells and installation of floating floors, terraces, staircases and doors. We represent companies Sapeli doors, door K...

K Dílnám 684, Kolín

BEK, s.r.o.

Deliveries of all the material on the roof: roofing (KM BETA TONDACH, BRAMAC, CEMBRIT, metal roofing, shingles, flat roofs); sunroofs (VELUX, ROTO, and others);...


Dasoto, s.r.o.

Dasoto Company Ltd.. focuses on apartment doors and wooden windows and PVC windows, its areas of application are in Prague and Southern Bohemia, and Hradec Kralove region.

, Radim

Jaroslav Turyna - KRBY TURYNA

Our company with years of experience in modern heating. We are building internal and garden fireplaces and fireplace inserts sale. Our goal is to provide customers with complete service delivery of quality fireplaces turnkey.

Petra Bezruče 548, Pečky

EVERLAST CS, spol. s r.o.

Supply of Interior Equipment (plastic window cornices, brackets, shutters, blinds, awnings), delivery of garage doors and interior door-

Královská cesta 147, Kolín


BALAREPO company was founded in March 1990 and is the oldest manufacturer of private pools in the Czech Republic. Since its inception, solely dedicated to manufacturing fiberglass swimming pools.

Kubšovka 37, Vrbčany

D.Š.B. Pool, s.r.o.

Czech producer of plastic pools, plastic containers, septic tanks, discharge shafts, etc.

Na Labuti 292, Konárovice

Kobla, spol. s r.o.

Kobla, spol. Ltd. is a manufacturing and construction company for production of construction panels made of plastic and aluminum, and implementation of road construction works.

Ke Koble 1100, Pečky

VF typ - Fadrhonc

Our company delivers high-quality and aesthetically popular blinds with chain control in the execution Classic, Standard and Variant. These blinds became very popular and sought after, particularly for its elegant look perfectly blended into the interior with plastic windows, Al - windows and wooden window.

U Křižovatky 95, Kolín

ATC Kolín - Vladimír Kadlec - Jan Kraus AQUA-THERMO-CENTRUM

The company offers a complete range of field and water heating.

Havířská 537, Kolín

Centrum nábytku GOLD 2

At 2000 m2 company offers tables, chairs, sofas, wall units, dressers tables, beds and mattresses, wardrobes and kitchens. Also offers carpet and PVC, the open area garden furniture and pergolas. The company operates a shop with the goods.

Třídvorská 1312, Kolín

FALKOM s.r.o.

Among the main activities offered by our company, we present for your guidance the following: final boiler supply hot water and the steam supply a complete way,...

U Křižovatky 608, Kolín


Painting and varnishing work in indoor and outdoor spaces, building facades color, padding. Expert advice, suggestions. Retail and wholesale of paints and varnishes.

Nová Ves II 4, Rostoklaty

Lučební závody a.s. Kolín

Manufacture and sale of construction chemicals, industrial silicone chemistry and specialty chemicals.

Pražská 54, Kolín

Kooperativa, výrobně obchodní družstvo Uhlířské Janovice

KOOPERATIVA, production and marketing cooperative is a firm with a long history and tradition, focusing on metal construction, agricultural, metal and glass pro...

Sázavská 786, Uhlířské Janovice

STAKL - střechy na klíč, s.r.o.

We specialize in the reconstruction and construction of new roofs of both houses, and industrial buildings, etc. We are also engaged in commercial activities. I...

Poděbradská 14, Vrbová Lhota

MILVIT-úpravny vody

We provide all services in the field of water treatment for drinking purposes as well as technical, vocational guidance and counseling activities, water analysis, solution proposals, supply and installation of filtration equipment, a comprehensive customer service.

, Malotice

Petr Janich, Plotové centrum

The company operates a wholesale / retail with a range of: tissues, ropes, chains and all accessories, nails, black and galvanized steel, copper, aluminum and b...

Za Drahou 464, Český Brod

Bazény - Brandejský

The main activity Pools - Brandejský are: production and installation of outdoor and indoor pools, consultancy, renovation of swimming pools, customer service,...

Bříství 18, Křečhoř

ANKO Okenní a stínící technika

We are a company engaged in the production, sale and installation of windows, doors and accessories to them. We offer a comprehensive range of panels for building openings (windows, doors, gates) and accessories for the shading (shutters, blinds).

Ovčárecká 565, Kolín

Bertrams Pečky, spol. s r.o.

Company manufactures a wide range of products from stainless steel. production program is broad and includes virtually the entire range of products from the chimneys and smoke of flue gas from various types of equipment.

Tř. 5. května 183, Pečky

ALARM KFS, s.r.o.

Supply and installation of CCTV security systems / CCTV /, systems, intrusion detection / electronic security alarm /, EPS / electronic fire alarm / and their c...

Ovčárecká 312, Kolín


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