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alfaMarket Kolín

Brankovická 277, Kolín

Pavel Charous - CHAPA Stavebniny

Sales of building materials and joinery, windows, doors, flooring, including installation, power and hand tools. Designs and assembly of custom kitchens, built-...

Petra Bezruče 1148, Pečky

Dekora Styl- Jahodová

Vítězov okr Kolín

GARUDA Group s.r.o.

Havlíčkova 376, Kolín

Dětský obchod Daniela

The largest children's store in the Central Region. Min. 130 KOC. Stock + min. 10 dvojčatových. Action on the carriages. Complete range of children.

Kouřimská 12, Kolín


On-line shop with a complete range of fishing tackle. Complete fishing equipment on the Internet. Everything for fishing.

Ovčárecká 287, Kolín

Jatky Tismice, s.r.o.

Offer of meat products.

Tismice 14, Tismice


As the authorized representatives of Precor USA to offer Czech and Slovak markets a comprehensive solution for your fitness - technically advanced equipment of ...

Okružní 695, Kolín

Lučební závody a.s. Kolín

Manufacture and sale of construction chemicals, industrial silicone chemistry and specialty chemicals.

Pražská 54, Kolín

Stretch, s.r.o.

The company offers the latest trends and breaking news from the textile sector. Surely you are interested in a wide range of sizes (XS - 5XL) offered textiles a...

Dělnická 584, Pečky

Dasoto, s.r.o.

Dasoto Company Ltd.. focuses on apartment doors and wooden windows and PVC windows, its areas of application are in Prague and Southern Bohemia, and Hradec Kralove region.

, Radim

Maso - Třebovle, s.r.o.

Offer of meat products.

Třebovle 15, Třebovle

Ferostav, a.s.

FEROSTAV Company, Inc. was founded in 1995 by joining the parent company TSMS Cologne, founded in 1990 and part of the company REOS Brno sro is currently divide...

Chaloupky 531, Kolín

Kobla, spol. s r.o.

Kobla, spol. Ltd. is a manufacturing and construction company for production of construction panels made of plastic and aluminum, and implementation of road construction works.

Ke Koble 1100, Pečky

Jaroslav Turyna - KRBY TURYNA

Our company with years of experience in modern heating. We are building internal and garden fireplaces and fireplace inserts sale. Our goal is to provide customers with complete service delivery of quality fireplaces turnkey.

Petra Bezruče 548, Pečky

MARKO - oděvy

We offer garments, footwear and other protective equipment. We produce embroidery machine and offer a wide range of promotional textiles.

Ovčárecká 312, Kolín

EVERLAST CS, spol. s r.o.

Supply of Interior Equipment (plastic window cornices, brackets, shutters, blinds, awnings), delivery of garage doors and interior door-

Královská cesta 147, Kolín


BALAREPO company was founded in March 1990 and is the oldest manufacturer of private pools in the Czech Republic. Since its inception, solely dedicated to manufacturing fiberglass swimming pools.

Kubšovka 37, Vrbčany

D.Š.B. Pool, s.r.o.

Czech producer of plastic pools, plastic containers, septic tanks, discharge shafts, etc.

Na Labuti 292, Konárovice

Jatky Sojka s.r.o.

Our offer: Wholesale sales of pork and beef. Wide range of meat products of own production. Distribution of refrigerated vehicles. Retail sales in our stores. We buy animals for slaughter from suppliers based on contractual prices. We offer pick-up their own transportation from the destination directly to our company.

Kolínská 506, Kouřim

Plehaso k.s.

Production according to ISO 9001 for CNC machines.

Pražská 40, Plaňany

Městské tepelné hospodářství Kolín, spol. s r.o.

Operation of heating plants, plumbing, heating, installation of measuring devices, assembly and repairs of reserved gas equipment, power generation and provision of technical services.

Klenovecká 597, Kolín

Barvy Ehrman, s.r.o.

Offer color - synthetic, nitro, water soluble, epoxy, polyurethane.

Hlavní 99, Kolín

Bazény - Brandejský

The main activity Pools - Brandejský are: production and installation of outdoor and indoor pools, consultancy, renovation of swimming pools, customer service,...

Bříství 18, Křečhoř

Inzertní noviny ŠANCE - Mgr. Roman Kadlec

We present your products, services, business articles, personal advertisements and private advertising. Newspaper with 15 years of tradition, all printed in a large load on the internet under favorable conditions, including bonuses.

U Borků 542, Kolín V

Cihelna Chmeliště, s.r.o.

operation of building walling

Chmeliště 20, Uhlířské Janovice

Zaffe, s.r.o.

We offer underwear and bedclothes Zaffe and we are the exclusive distributor of brand Lama.

Milčice 106, Milčice


Work clothing - wholesale, retail, manufacturing, including printing. We offer work boots, gloves, earphones, goggles, respirators, hard hats, drugstore. Veling...

Havlíčkova 260, Kolín

Schüring Česká republika, spol. s r.o.

The company is engaged in wholesale distribution of hardware, locks, handles, hinges and other accessories for the production of plastic windows and doors. Sells entire machinery for the production of plastic windows. From the simplest machine to the cutting machining centers.

Na Louži 2, Ovčáry

Rely - SH, s.r.o.

Milling, turning and metalwork.

Chvalovická 326, Pečky

Ivana Vondráčková - Výroba svíček

We are manufacture of candles from 100% natural material, It is a manual production of special technology, which enables the candles gleamed. Each piece is original in various colors. Part of the study are also candles, decorations and paintings.

Přemyslova 408, Pečky

Bertrams Pečky, spol. s r.o.

Company manufactures a wide range of products from stainless steel. production program is broad and includes virtually the entire range of products from the chimneys and smoke of flue gas from various types of equipment.

Tř. 5. května 183, Pečky



Staré Nespeřice 19, Petrovice

Plastika Bohémia, s.r.o.

Offer plastic components and parts.

Zengrova 131, Kolín

Petr Hejcman-stavebniny

Offer installation of building components, roof sediment traps, baskets into the eaves, cornices and timber protection against usedání birds.

Neumannova 484, Kolín

Bardcard, s.r.o.

Offer solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.

Nebovidy 69, Nebovidy

Savo CZ, spol. s r.o.

Food supply.

Hlavní 44, Kolín


Offer network shopping bags.

Legerova 68, Kolín

COGENT s.r.o.


Profitting CZ, s.r.o.

Offer garden and forestry equipment.

Polepská 351, Kolín


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