Sales of construction


Petr Janich, Plotové centrum

The company operates a wholesale / retail with a range of: tissues, ropes, chains and all accessories, nails, black and galvanized steel, copper, aluminum and b...

Za Drahou 464, Český Brod

Filip Král, Stavebniny - maloobchod i velkoobchod

The company was founded in 2001 with a focus on complete deliveries of equipment, internal wall, paving, plumbing, floors, kitchens and doors for houses and fla...

Prokopa Velikého 109, Český Brod

Jiří Houžvička - Prodej stavebního materiálu

The company focuses on the sale of building materials and building materials.

Krále Jiřího 91, Český Brod

Jan Kulhánek - Podlahářské práce

Firm flooring Jan Kulhanek, is a family company based in the Czech Brod, dealing with the laying of almost all types of flooring using modern techniques of laying.

Šafaříkova 1117, Český Brod

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