Sales of construction


Pavel Charous - CHAPA Stavebniny

Sales of building materials and joinery, windows, doors, flooring, including installation, power and hand tools. Designs and assembly of custom kitchens, built-...

Petra Bezruče 1148, Pečky

Kobla, spol. s r.o.

Kobla, spol. Ltd. is a manufacturing and construction company for production of construction panels made of plastic and aluminum, and implementation of road construction works.

Ke Koble 1100, Pečky

Bertrams Pečky, spol. s r.o.

Company manufactures a wide range of products from stainless steel. production program is broad and includes virtually the entire range of products from the chimneys and smoke of flue gas from various types of equipment.

Tř. 5. května 183, Pečky


OFFER: Sale of all building materials - masonry systems, loose stuff, plasterboard, insulation, roofing, lumber, steel materials. Offer services including material composition loader. We also offer elements of garden architecture.

Chvalovická 1097, Pečky

Jan Holub, Pískovna Zárybník - Kouřim

The firm is engaged in mining and selling sand.

Tř. 5. května 134, Pečky

Karel Hanzelín - Prodej oken a dveří

The company is engaged in sale and fitting of windows, doors and home accessories.

V Horkách 988, Pečky

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