Car cemetery


    Vrakoviště AZ-AUTO

    Scrapyard AZ-AUTO offers a full range - spare parts for all brands we sell used and new spare parts, the largest selection - Best prices, disposal of car wrecks...


    Petr Lévay - Autovrakoviště

    We provide environmentally friendly disposal of car wrecks with a certificate of destruction for the office, which is necessary to opt out of the vehicle. Purchase and sale of parts I wish to ensure their own exhaust.


    Vlastimil Láša, Autovrakoviště

    We provide environmentally friendly disposal of motor vehicles, including the completed documentation to the Authority. Our service is totally free, including the towing wreck.


    Miroslav Štěpánek, Autovrakoviště Škoda - BMW

    The company operates a car cemetery focused on BMW cars and Skoda. The company also offers a wide selection range of spare parts.


    Marek Platz, Vrakoviště Toyota

    The company offers a wide range of products for the Toyota brand cars. Scrapyard offers the widest range of spare parts at competitive prices. Our car cemetery ...


    Petr Vlačiha - Autovrakoviště

    We specialize in the sale and purchase of spare parts for Audi, Skoda and VW. Purchase of vehicles with and without TP.



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