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K.A.L.T. Pneu, a.s.

Kalte company offers tire sales - cars, utility and truck tires, truck retreads, and Carcass, services - and tire rychloservis offices in Cologne, Prague and Pardubice, Strakonice, production protectors cold.

K Raškovci 807, Kolín

AUTOBAZAR, Dovoz a prodej vozidel z EU

The company is engaged in import and sales of cars and caravans from European Union countries, shipments of new and used cars, spare parts, maintenance of vehicles (environmental cleaning and washing interior and exterior) and sale of tires.

Petra Bezruče 1078, Pečky

Branco, spol. s r.o.

Sales of spare parts for automobiles. Injector MOTORPAL, diesel fuel injection and DELPHI DENSO, injectors and STANADYNE WUZETEM, brake systems, filtration equipment, wiping technique, Parkpilot, other parts and accessories Bosch, Brisk, etc. Delivery of goods delivery service.

Pražská 54, Kolín

Jiří Čepelák - MX shop Čepelák

The company specializes in servicing and selling motorcycle spare parts, complete equipment rider.

Havlíčkova 57, Kolín

Vrakoviště AZ-AUTO

Scrapyard AZ-AUTO offers a full range - spare parts for all brands we sell used and new spare parts, the largest selection - Best prices, disposal of car wrecks...


Montex, spol. s r.o.

The main area of manufacturing program of our company are mainly platform bodies, van bodies, refrigerated and freezer frames, kits and trailers, dump bodies, b...

Plynárenská 13, Kolín

Auto XXL, s.r.o.

Auto Ltd. XXL Your equipment dealer used trucks and spare parts. Sale and purchase of trucks. Sales of new and used spare parts for all makes of trucks. Corrections. Towing and salvage

Poboří 89, Plaňany

Tornado group, s.r.o.

Tornado Group Company Ltd. is the distributor of ATVs, scooters, motorcycles and buggin brands PGO, GOES, RENLI, BSE, ZPF. These companies are the renowned manu...

Havlíčkova 261, Kolín, s.r.o.

DEFENDER.CZ Company Ltd. specializes in the direct importation and distribution of spare parts for all types of vehicles, Land Rover.

Havlíčkova 234, Kolín

K+K Autocentrum Czech, s.r.o.

The company offers: car parts for Skoda cars / wholesale-retail /, car parts for all foreign cars, engine, gearbox, hydraulic oil and chemistry, car accessories...

K Raškovci 1115, Kolín

Michal Neklan-autoelektronika

Offer car stereos, car alarms, the kit, CB radios and audio-video technology.

Nová 203, Ovčáry

STYX CAR, spol. s r.o.

Honda Dealer with a fifteen-year tradition.

Klejnarská 895, Kolín

Václav Antoš-čerpací stanice

Providing service fuel stations.

Pražská 1059, Kolín

ZMP, s.r.o.

Offer scooters, ATVs, motorcycles, boats and accessories.

Havlíčkova 847, Kolín

SIMI CAR (Branch Plaňany)

Tyršova, Plaňany

Ludmila Porubová-pneumatiky

Offer tires and tubes for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles.

Havelcova 176, Kolín

Rabštejn, spol. s r.o.

Operation of fuel stations.

Havlíčkova , Kolín

Ladislav Pavlík-zabezpečení

Supply and installation of towing and mechanical security devices car.

Tovární 199, Kolín

Jaroslav Padruněk-autodíly

Offer spare parts for trucks.

Ovčárecká 295, Kolín

Jan Adámek-autodíly

Offer spare parts for automobiles.

Ovčárecká 397, Kolín

Hron CZ, s.r.o.

Car Suzuki.

Kolínská 14, Veltruby

Bošina servis, s.r.o.

Sales and service of Mazda.

Břežany I 22, Břežany

Auto-Švec, spol. s r.o.

Sales and service of car Peugeot.

Havlíčkova 600, Kolín

AutoPrim Kolín, s.r.o.

Offer new and used cars, Opel, Chevrolet and spare parts.

Havlíčkova 184, Kolín

Pavel Novotný-autodíly

Offer auto parts, specializing in the Škoda brand.

Mikoláše Alše 264, Kolín

Tomáš Vanča-maziva

Imports of oils, lubricants and cleaners.

Kunětická 373, Kolín


The company deals with the purchase, sale, and commissions for all types of passenger and commercial vehicles, and verified by CEBIA CARDETECT. The funding we a...

Kutlíře , Křečhoř


We import high quality for you nehavarované cars from EU countries, week 20 new cars on offer, we provide complete customer service, we arrange the sale of spa...

Jablonského 1369, Kolín

Dotech auto, spol. s r.o.

The principal activity of the sale: truck and trailer equipment KRONE: tilt trailers, folding trailers Benalu (aluminum, steel), MenC (Hardox) Nooteboom towed t...

Třídvorská 265, Kolín

Eva Mukařovská - Autodíly

We are selling spare parts, car accessories, exhausts, tires and bodywork. We also provide servicing and repair of motor vehicles, including the sale of used vehicles.

Leoše Janáčka 420, Kolín

Ing. Aleš Drahovzal, Prodejce aut

The company specializes in the sale of motor vehicles.

Polepská 410, Kolín

Jaroslav Černý, Autoimport – Czech

The company is a supplier of new cars delivered to end users only in the Czech Republic. We supply only new cars according to a customer, manufactured and inten...

Polepská 4, Kolín


Hatchback SYŘIŠTĚ sells cars and trucks. Also offers: Leasing, Consumer Loans, contra accounts, purchase vehicles, Consignment sale Insurance.

Tovární 46, Kolín

Jaroslav Jiráň - AMStuning

We are engaged in the sale and installation of car tuning and car radios on different brands of vehicles. The possibility of installment sale.

Václavské náměstí 1, Nová Ves

Martin Schulz - AUTOSCHULZ

The company sells commercial vehicles.

Okružní 702, Kolín

Marian Fitoš, VF-POWER

Currently, our focus is on fitting locks gear, car-hifi installation, bodywork repairs predominantly classic cars, restoration chassis and parts from the production of flexible polyurethane. We also manufacture and repair of drains and exhaust assembly autotuningových accessories.

Jateční 375, Kolín

Petra Karetová - Prodej náhradních dílů a autodoplňků

We are short and long term leasing of cars, trailers and sales of all spare parts for cars and activities associated with these.

Na Výfuku 42, Kolín

Pavel Novotný - Autodíly Novotný

We offer sales of parts for all common brands of cars, genuine spare parts Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Ford, Peugot, Citroen, Opel, body parts, including reparaturních plates of secondary sale of spare parts, auto parts sales of all major brands, bonus rewards for loyal customers , sales modeling needs.

Mikoláše Alše 264, Kolín

AUTO HOPE-Petr Procházka

We specialize in imports of Skoda. Imports of cars from Germany. Order to deliver a new car or a reference from the U.S.. Sales of new ATVs Arctic Cat brands.

Ovčárecká 287, Kolín

Zánovní Vozy, s.r.o.

The company offers cars imported from the EU. We also offer a wide range of tires. Also supply spare parts for European and Japanese cars. Finally, if you prefer to hire purchase is there for our offer to purchase leasing or using consumer credit.

Třídvorská , Kolín


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