Towing Services


    Jürgen Boss - Odtahová služba BOSS

    Our company is engaged in towing, extracting, and ensure passenger and freight vehicles, the removal, accidents, etc. Our services include renting of vehicles.

    Chotouchov 19, Zásmuky

    Jan Hron - Odtahová služba

    The company offers a towing service.


    Václav Lacina-odtahová služba

    Towing operation and assistance services.

    Hradešín 96, Hradešín

    Milan Šurina-odtahová služba

    Provision of towing, and courier services, hire of replacement vehicles.

    Roháčova 1325, Český Brod

    Ladislav Masopust - odtahová služba

    The company carries towing service up to 3.5 t non - stop. Scope: Kutna Hora, Kolin, D1, Čáslav Sázava Zruc over Sazavou. Extrication hydraulic arm, storage and disposal of organic vehicles. Cooperation with the assistance services, insurance, service.


    Miroslav Rücker-odtahová služba

    Operation of national and international towing services.

    Velký Osek 69, Velký Osek


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