Revision of pressure and gas equipment


    Bohumil Veselý-plyn

    We offer inspection and testing of gas equipment, gas equipment, staff training, expert examination of boilers, process documentation.

    Kollárovo náměstí 918, Kolín II

    Jan Koudelka - Gas - Press

    Supply, installation and repairs of pressure, stainless steel, gas facilities and pipelines. Providing inspections and servicing. Welding of stainless steel and plastic pipes.

    U studně 5, Veltruby

    Ludvík Fehér - revize tlakových a plynových zařízení

    Service, technical inspection and review of LPG. Sell handling technique. We provide training of operators of construction machinery.

    Havlíčkova 260, Kolín

    Josef Básl GAS - servis

    We offer a review of gas equipment.

    U sídliště 130, Starý Kolín

    Generel, spol. s r.o.

    We offer installation, inspection and repair of industrial and gas boilers and heat exchangers. Perform welding pipe

    Amálka 123, Červené Pečky


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