Banks and financial services


Ing. Dana Pažoutová - daňový poradce č. 515

The company carries out the management and payroll accounting, tax returns and companies in liquidation or bankruptcy bill grants, statistical reports. The company also offers consulting and seminars on accounting, taxes and the economy. Ensures quality service.

Masarykova 178, Český Brod

Jana Makovská - Vedení účetnictví a daňové evidence

We offer tax return processing, tax services, bookkeeping and payroll. Provide all accounting and tax services of nature, payroll, business counseling as well as accounting and tax return (individual income, corporate income tax, road tax, VAT).

Jungmannova 408, Český Brod

Alice Písařovičová - Vedení účetnictví a daňové evidence

We offer bookkeeping and tax records, payroll and human resources, accounting reconstruction. We also provide consultancy in these areas.

5. května 420, Český Brod

Financial investment corporation, a.s.

The company offers accounting and tax advice.

Pod Hájem 1205, Český Brod

Magda Jirsíková-pojištění

Providing advice on insurance.

Za Pilou 848, Český Brod

ev. č. 3142 Ing. Pavel Mareš, Daňový poradce

Offer tax advice.

Hradešín 98, Český Brod

ev. č. 3325 Ing. Jaroslav Burian, Daňový poradce

Offer tax advice.

Přišimasy 146, Český Brod

ev. č. 0764 Ing. Ivo Bilík, Daňový poradce

Tax Advisor provides legal assistance and economic advice in financial matters, taxes, levies, fees and other similar payments, as well as in matters directly related to taxes.

Palackého 241, Český Brod

Vladimíra Klozová - Úvěrové služby

We offer cash loans, mortgages. Furthermore, life insurance, accident insurance, pensions and insurance.

nám. Arnošta z Pardubic 44, Český Brod

Oldřich Bouma - Úvěrové služby

We offer cash loans, mortgages, life, accident and pension insurance and car insurance.

nám. Arnošta z Pardubic 44, Český Brod

Petr Novák, Pojišťovací makléř

Our services insurance agent and independent loss adjusters.

Tuchorazská 563, Český Brod

Otakar Ditz, Pojišťovací poradce

We offer insurance - life, pensions, accident insurance, investment, property, accident, pov.ručení, mortgage loans, building savings, loans from stav.spoření, Cooperativa - Czech Savings Bank - Moravian Building Society.

Český Brod

Lenka Psohlavcová - Vedení účetnictví a daňové evidence

Offer external accounting and tax records, processing VAT returns and income tax for sole traders, small and medium businesses, processing payroll for small organizations. Possibility of representation offices.

Tuchorazská 500, Český Brod

Josef Jeníček - účetnictví

We offer payroll processing and accounting.

Štolmířská 1229, Český Brod


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