Banks and financial services


Vladimír Mázl-poradenství

Providing financial consultancy, procurement savings, loans, mortgages, pensions and liability insurance.

J. A. Komenského 184, Pečky

ev. č. 1932 Ing. Vlastimil Říha

Tax Advisers providing financial advice and economic assistance in legal matters, taxes, levies, fees and other similar payments, as well as in matters directly related to taxes.

Tř. 5. května 183, Pečky

Ing. Jiří Nigrin - daňový poradce

Tax adviser registered in the list of KDP ČR, tax advice on all taxes, processing tax returns, possibility of postponing the tax liability, I provide representation before the tax, as well as services in the field of bookkeeping, tax records.

J. A. Komenského 89, Pečky

Miroslava Břinčilová - Vedení účetnictví a daňové evidence

We offer management, tax and accounting records, tax consulting, payroll processing and representation in office.

Ratenice 66, Pečky

Lenka Beranová - Vedení účetnictví a daňové evidence

We offer a comprehensive processing accounting records, bookkeeping and payroll processing. We represent clients in negotiations with authorities.

Masarykovo nám. 1027, Pečky

JB Ekonomik, s.r.o.

The company offers full service accounting and tax matters.

Chvalovická 1076, Pečky

Ing. Jan Teplý, Money - Tep

Our company is engaged in tax consulting, management of double-entry bookkeeping and tax records from 1997. We cooperate with companies that provide services in both profit and nonprofit sectors. Our clients come out to meet up.

Tř. 5. května 194, Pečky

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